LiteBar ( Fiberglass rebar) is an innovative product, provides many of the advantages of traditional materials with none of the downsides.

Manufactured with high-quality glass fiber with polyester resin or optional vinyl ester resin. LiteBar is built to be stronger, lighter, and rust free! LiteBar is non-magnetic, making it electrically non-conductive as well as thermally non-conductive. Packaged in 50 piece bundles for easy shipping and handling.

What Is LiteBar? (Fiberglass rebar)

LiteBar is fiberglass rebar, the product of a revolutionary production process, in which high-quality glass fiber is combined with durable resin, resulting in a considerably lighter and stronger rod than steel. Each bar only weighs about 2.5 pounds. It is also resistant to corrosion and does not conduct electricity, making it ideal for almost all concrete construction projects.

When to use LiteBar

Although it is made from a completely different material, LiteBar is identical to traditional steel. The LiteBar’s resistance to rust and corrosion makes it particularly suitable for very humid environments, which probably cause rust from conventional steel bars. Because of its tensile strength and low weight, LiteBar is ideal for leveling, parking lots, floor slabs, jib walls, foundations, and a few structural applications. A vertical application has been submitted to the ICC evaluation service, and our engineers are already working on quality documentation according to ICC-ES AC10. Until this process is complete, a technician must be consulted for use in the walls.

Stronger than other products, the LiteBar can be cut with a bolt cutter, sharpener or circular saw so that you can cut it at your leisure without special tools. Lighter than steel, LiteBar is also less expensive to transport and easier to use, so you meet deadlines and keep the budget of your project.


Does not destroy, extended structure life


Large labor & freight savings


LiteBar outperforms traditional black bar in all ASTM testing criteria


LiteBar is electrically non-conductive and thermally non-conductive


Tie it off and chair it up just like steel!