The Eco-Friendly Benefits of ICF Blocks Show That People Who Truly Care About Environment Use ICF Blocks.


The earth is home to all humanity and the wilderness. Its protection should be the number one priority of every person living in it. But instead of protecting the planet, people are destroying its environment which poses a great threat to the future of humanity. People are using lumber  to make homes. And to get lumber; they are cutting trees which is causing ample harm to the environment. If this continues, in the next few decades, the environment will start to become toxic. To stop that from happening, New York PolySteel is producing Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) blocks which are not only highly durable and economical but also environment-friendly.

The ICF material has a plethora of benefits which contribute to the betterment of the environment. Firstly the ICF blocks are made from recycling which means no more harm to nature and more reduction in waste. Secondly, the waste that is produced during the construction is also recyclable which means no more pollution in the environment due to the construction of houses. And its green benefits don’t end here, even the manufacturing process of the ICF blocks is completely eco-friendly. The careful process of manufacturing the ICF blocks lowers the emission of carbon gases which are the real threat to the environment. ICF materials have been recognized as a cradle to cradle building material, meaning the life cycle of ICF material theoretically can last thousands of years and after its usefulness in a thousand years or more, it can be recycled. A wood constructed house may have a life cycle of 100 to 150 years and within that life cycle there is 75% to 80% more energy needed to heat and cool a wood house than it would be to heat and cool an ICF house.

The ICF blocks are not just completely safe for the environment, but they are also beneficial for the people living in a house made of ICF block. ICF houses are free of mold, mildew, wood rot, insect or rodent damage, creating a safer and healthier home. ICF houses are highly durable and require very low maintenance. Which will save a lot of time and money. And not just that, the ICF walls have great insulation which reduces the amount of energy required for heating or cooling the house by making it energy efficient and ultimately saves more money. There is no doubt about the fact that the ICF is the building material of the future.

“If you want to build a home, save money and care about the environment you use ICF material. Period”

-Chris Pearson

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